About Us

Whilst good negotiators will often get the deal they want, great negotiators get the outcome they set out to achieve. Sometimes all we need is to strike a good deal. At other times, the outcome of our negotiation needs to go beyond that to build or strengthen relationships, established shared benefits and explore ways of adding value through cooperative working to create intrinsic value for all parties.

Some people are innately good at negotiating. However, it is equally true that negotiation skills can be learnt and, with the right training, tools, practice and support, good negotiators can become truly outstanding. It was this insight that led to the development of the Red Sheet negotiation planning tool over a decade ago.


The first approach of its kind to incorporate game theory, this universal tool was originally conceived and designed for procurement professionals. Red Sheet has since evolved to become the proven planning tool of choice for every type of negotiation across multiple functions in public and private sector organizations across the world.

Red Sheet is owned and operated by its originator, Positive Purchasing Ltd, from whose UK headquarters the Red Sheet team supports our global network of approved partners.

Our People

It is our people who make us unique. Our highly experienced team of practitioners and trainers are passionate about what they do. They bring a wealth of negotiation, business and psychology expertise, using a refreshingly different approach to deliver deeply engaging, inspirational learning that assures outstanding results.

Our talented experts deliver negotiation capability transformation programs, high impact training courses, process and toolkits in a range of flexible formats to meet the skills, professional development and effectiveness needs of individuals and companies of all sizes.

Whatever your role, our team can help you build your confidence and unlock the full potential of your people, enabling you to stay in control of any negotiation event and achieve the outcome desired.

‘Red Sheet has transformed the way our teams approach negotiations with suppliers and the results are clear to see.’
Andy McMinn, CPONHS

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