Red Sheet Concept

Red Sheet® is a powerful and highly effective negotiation planning tool. It combines personality, process and a repertoire of winning tactics and techniques that enable novice and experienced negotiators alike gain confidence in securing successful negotiation outcomes.

A proven and powerful approach

Launched in 2005, Red Sheet set a benchmark as the world’s first negotiation tool to incorporate game theory. It was originally developed to help procurement teams align their goals and negotiate more effectively by working through a logical 15-step planning process. Proven to deliver impactful results, it has since been adopted by thousands of negotiators across multiple functions in public and private sector organizations worldwide.

The tool of choice for any negotiation

Negotiation is a skill for life and Red Sheet enables the development of individual, team or organization-wide capability. In addition to building a comprehensive knowledge of negotiation theory, the Red Sheet approach guides practitioners through every step of the negotiation planning process and how to apply the right tactics and techniques to deliver the best possible result.

Successfully implemented worldwide

Building upon its early success, Red Sheet is now deployed through activity-based classroom training or online eLearning to maximize the benefit secured. Both learning approaches provide access to a comprehensive toolkit, reference materials and supporting resources – in hard copy or electronic formats – to suit the nature and complexity of any negotiation. Options include:

Red Sheet A 15-step planning approach for high-value, complex or team-based negotiations.
Red Sheet Lite A 6-step negotiation planning tool incorporating the core Red Sheet components for day-to-day, professional negotiations.
Red Sheet Nano A negotiation planning tool for simple or individual negotiations.
Red Sheet Online A complete subscription-based e-resource, incorporating Red Sheet and Red Sheet Lite, to plan and conduct any negotiation.

Transforming negotiation outcomes through the Red Sheet approach

Combining negotiation personalities (‘negotionality’) with processes and tactical devices sets Red Sheet apart from other negotiation planning approaches. It uses some key tools to help us understand our current Situation or approach so that we can determine the Target and objective for the negotiation, formulate an Event plan and review Post-event.

Core components of the Red Sheet approach comprise:

  • Game theory – used to match the negotiation approach to the outcomes required, including any ongoing business relationships.
  • Negotiation personality – psychometric profiling to determine ‘negotionality’ of team members, then matching individual personality traits to the negotiation behavior required for the specific event.
  • Cultural adaptation – to secure the best outcome in any negotiation anywhere in the world.
  • Tactics and techniques – 100 valuable ways and means of gaining advantage whilst reading your opponent’s body or spoken language.
  • Concession strategy checkerboard – an ingenious approach to maintaining control of every concession while keeping an eye on the big picture and building a winning position.
  • Balance of power – determining who’s got it and how to shift or project it.
  • Negotiation planning – developing a structured plan that will enable you to stay in control and steer a new course should conditions change unexpectedly.

For more information on how the key elements of the Red Sheet approach combine to help you secure an optimal result from each negotiation event, see our Negotiation Toolkits and Negotiation Training solutions.