Red Sheet – How can we help you?

Alongside your front-line negotiation staff, Red Sheet® negotiation training can also significantly benefit other teams within your organization where negotiation is a necessary part of what they do. For example, HR, finance, marketing, customer service teams, business owners and project managers all regularly need to negotiate with both internal and external stakeholders.

Sales and Business Development

When seeking to develop new business or convert a prospect into a customer, there is little distinction between sales and negotiation. Therefore, aligning all internal stakeholders to a proven negotiation process is essential if the potential of every opportunity is to be maximized. Red Sheet ensures that, in any encounter with a potential buyer, business managers and sales professionals are equipped to skillfully avoid unintentionally giving away an advantage and to stay in control of how much money to leave on the table – if any. More importantly, Red Sheet guides your sales team through negotiations in which the relationship is almost as important as the sale. Providing the sales professional with a repertoire of approaches and 100 tactics and techniques, Red Sheet is crucial training for salespeople everywhere.

Procurement and Purchasing

Red Sheet was originally conceived more than a decade ago as a tool to help procurement practitioners negotiate more effectively against highly prepared salespeople. It has since grown to become the negotiation planning tool of choice for purchasing professionals worldwide. Red Sheet is a proven negotiation planning process which allows purchasing teams to work together, plan for a successful negotiation and achieve better outcomes whilst safeguarding any future relationships that may be required.

Specialist Negotiators

Negotiation is a skill that demands the knowledge and application of effective negotiation theory and the use of the right tactics and techniques to deliver the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re a project manager that negotiates on an everyday basis, involved in government or diplomatic relations, or a kidnap and ransom specialist involved in more complex, high value negotiations, our individual solutions place all the planning tools and resources you need at your fingertips.

Learning and Development

Red Sheet is ideal for inclusion in any individual, team or organizational Learning & Development program. It can provide a best practice framework on which to build a negotiation capability transformation program where your stakeholders will benefit from adopting common planning tools, processes and organizational ways of working globally. Whatever your needs, we can help your stakeholders build confidence in their negotiation outcomes and deliver business results through our eLearning or classroom training solutions. This makes it easy to upskill new hires, enhance multi-functional capability or even assign online training modules to individual named users as part of a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) process.

HR and Marketing

For HR and Marketing professionals, an investment in Red Sheet is essential to developing the right skills to put you in control in any negotiation scenario from achieving optimum rates and relationships with external suppliers, securing the best talent within constrained resources, and managing salary negotiations effectively. It can also assure winning outcomes from internal stakeholder discussions while building the relationships you need.

Whatever your negotiation requirements, Red Sheet gives confidence in outcomes and puts the negotiator in control, enabling a winning performance time after time.

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